Biden Deflects Responsibility As Inflation Hurts Working Families

For Immediate Release

March 15, 2022 


Contact: Chris Mulcahey



Decatur, IL. – In a Fox Illinois article today, the wholesale inflation on the price of goods before they hit retail stores rose 10 percent from a year ago. This is following last week’s news that consumer inflation rose to a record level of 7.9 percent. The rise in wholesale inflation signals that Illinois businesses are also feeling the pressure of rising costs.


The story noted that “excessive government spending and supply chain mismanagement are fueling the increases in the prices of everyday goods.”


President Biden and Congressional Democrats are blaming the rise in inflation and energy prices on the conflict in Ukraine despite economic indicators highlighting a rise in prices for months prior to the conflict. 


“While the people of Illinois are facing more financial uncertainty than ever before, Joe Biden is gaslighting everyday Americans to think he has no role in our country’s economic woes,” said Jesse Reising, candidate for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District. “Americans are paying significantly more for gas, groceries, and household goods – the biggest inflationary jump we’ve seen in 40 years. We can’t afford more failed policies of Democrats in DC and Illinois.”