Democrats Continue to Gaslight Americans on Energy Prices

For Immediate Release

April 7, 2022 


Contact: Chris Mulcahey



Decatur, IL. – This week Congressional Democrats have taken a page out of President Biden’s playbook, blaming high energy prices on everything but the President and his party’s failed leadership on U.S. energy independence. 


The week began with the Democrat Party tweeting that Putin is solely to blame for the gas price hike, trying to deflect any ownership that President Biden has for the rising gas prices and inflation that are hurting American families and businesses. Prices under Biden had steadily increased for months prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Congressional Democrats on the House Oversight Committee spent yesterday accusing energy producers of price-gouging, again refusing to take ownership of their role in the historic inflation and rising cost of living.


“Real leadership starts with taking responsibility for your actions,”said Jesse Reising, candidate for Illinois’ thirteenth congressional district. “But Biden and Democrats are looking to point fingers at anyone but themselves. Democrats would rather Illinois families pay $7 a gallon for foreign fuel than unleash American energy production and exploration.”