Voters Stress Economy Woes During Reising Campaign Stops

For Immediate Release:

February 14, 2022


Contact: Chris Mulcahey


Decatur, IL. – Last week, thirteenth district congressional candidate Jesse Reising met with voters at community events throughout the district to share his vision to restore the first principles of limited government, free enterprise, individual responsibility, and opportunity for all.


“Despite a gerrymandered district, the people of Southern and Central Illinois are united by our common values and the issues we are facing on a daily basis,” said Reising. “Through my conversations with voters, it is clear inflation and the economy is top of mind for everyone right now. Gas, groceries, energy bills – many hardworking families are trying to figure out how they can pay the bills in Joe Biden’s economy.”


Inflation rose to a forty-year high of seven-and-a-half percent in January, costing middle class Americans more than an extra $250 per month. Under President Biden, the US economy has gone from historic highs to historic lows – Americans are 7% poorer this year, and Biden has no plan to rein in federal spending and get inflation under control. 


“We have out of control inflation that is making basic necessities unaffordable and creating financial hardships for people across Illinois,” said Reising. “When I’m elected to Congress, my first priority is to ensure Illinois families can not only afford these basic necessities, but have the opportunity to thrive. This starts by getting Washington to stop spending our hard-earned dollars and telling us how to live our lives.”


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