Statement from Jesse Reising on Budzinski’s Link to Madigan Corruption

For Immediate Release:

March 3, 2022


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Chris Mulcahey,



Decatur, Il. – Jesse Reising, congressional candidate for Illinois’ thirteenth congressional district, released the following statement on thirteenth congressional candidate Nikki Budzinski’s link to Mike Madigan’s corruption indictment according to a 2020 Freedom of Information request by WBEZ: 


For fifty years Madigan used the power of his office to line his pockets and elevate his allies into positions of power, all while subverting the voice of voters across Illinois. Nikki Budzinski is a direct product of the Madigan Machine’s gerrymandering of the thirteenth district. The people of this district do not want another foot soldier from the Madigan Machine taking advantage of them. We cannot let corruption like this and insider politics continue to be the status quo in our state. As a former federal criminal prosecutor, I’m running to end the cycle of corruption and distrust. This starts with electing new leadership from one of our own. 


The thirteenth district is the worst gerrymandered district in the country, according to the Washington Post, and even Democrats agree.