I’m running for Congress to restore the first principles that made our country great: limited government, free enterprise, individual responsibility, and opportunity for all.

Strengthening the Economy

America is the Land of Opportunity. But President Biden and his budget advisors are decimating the American economy. The cost of living is skyrocketing, with runaway inflation not seen since the failed Carter Administration. It’s now difficult for Americans to afford basic necessities like groceries and gasoline, let alone get ahead.

Americans are already 7% poorer than they were last year, and President Biden and Nancy Pelosi want to continue spending trillions of Americans’ hard-earned dollars, which will only add fuel to the fire of inflation. I will fight to preserve and build upon the Trump tax cuts, end Washington’s excesses, and get inflation under control. America’s economy functions best when government gets out of the way. Our small business leaders are the ones who know how to balance a budget, not the federal government.

Standing by Law Enforcement

As a federal criminal prosecutor, I prosecuted domestic and international criminals. Crime rates are soaring nationwide, thanks in no small part to shameful efforts to vilify and defund the law enforcement officers who protect our communities. Our brave men and women in uniform deserve our utmost respect and admiration. I will stand by law enforcement and ensure that they receive the resources and support needed to keep us safe.

Advocating for American Values in Education

As a proud graduate of Decatur Public Schools and co-founder of the Warrior-Scholar Project, I know that education is key for unlocking the door to a better life. But instead of focusing on teaching our kids about math, science, and the genius of our Founders, our schools are indoctrinating our children to believe that they’re either victims or oppressors. This toxic mentality is destroying the fabric of our nation, disempowering an entire generation of Americans, and leading them to believe that American ideals are not worth defending. We must reverse course immediately so that our children continue believing in the promise of America and themselves.

Shrinking Government

Political insiders in Washington and Springfield are doing everything they can to replace the warm embrace of our communities with the cold grip of the government. And they have been working with the big tech monopolies to silence us in flagrant disregard of our fundamental right to free speech. We must re-balance the relationship between the government and the governed to restore the power to the people.

Projecting American Strength

The best way to achieve peace is through strength. But President Biden has been allowing our foreign adversaries to walk all over us. In particular, the disgraceful manner in which President Biden withdrew from Afghanistan cost countless innocent lives and projected weakness to our allies and adversaries alike. Russia and China have been emboldened to act more aggressively, and China’s theft of our intellectual property is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars per year, not to mention the military advantage that China is gaining over us by stealing our technology. What’s more, President Biden let Russia build an oil pipeline in Eastern Europe but shut down the Keystone pipeline here in America.

It’s as if our leaders want to see our adversaries succeed and America fail. I will fight to project American strength, stand up against those who seek to take advantage of us, and look out for Americans first.

Empowering Veterans to Succeed

I’ve dedicated much of my life to launching and building the Warrior-Scholar Project into a national veterans’ service organization whose academic boot camps have empowered thousands of veterans to succeed in college. Our nation’s veterans are incredible civic assets to this nation, and we must ensure they are equipped with the tools to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Pro-Second Amendment

The Second Amendment guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms. If we do not have the ability to protect ourselves and our families, then we are not truly free. Responsible, law-abiding gun owners should not be penalized based on the actions of those who break the law.


The Declaration of Independence sets forth the self-evident truth that we are all endowed by our Creator with the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The right to life extends to the most vulnerable among us: unborn children.


My great grandfather was a tenant farmer near Clinton, Illinois, and my uncle owns a small farm near Champaign, Illinois. I know the value of hard work and the importance of our farmers to our nation’s health and economy. I will fight to ensure that farmers have the financial stability to put food on their own tables in addition to ours.

Lockdowns and Vaccine & Mask Mandates

I am vaccinated and support the vaccine. But lockdowns and mandates are yet another way for the government to tell us that they don’t trust us to make decisions for ourselves. If the government wants us to stay home, take the vaccine, or wear masks, then they need to persuade us based on facts, data, and science rather than impose authoritarian mandates upon us. We’re capable of assessing risks and benefits and making our own decisions. I trust the American people to make the right decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Border Security

America is the shining city on a hill that proudly attracts to its shores the world’s best and brightest, along with the tired and downtrodden. Because America carries such a promise of a better life for the world’s 8 billion people, we must have an orderly immigration system and secure borders. Law-breaking immigrants must not be allowed to pass law-abiding immigrants in line to become Americans, and we must prevent drugs and other contraband from crossing our borders. Our asylum process, in particular, was meant to help protect people fleeing from state persecution, but that process is now being abused to allow people to enter our country and become residents while having no credible claim of persecution. I will fight to secure our borders and provide for an orderly legal immigration system.

Election Security

There should never be any doubt about the results of an election in the world’s greatest democracy. We need to ensure that voter registries are accurate, that voters show identification before voting, and that we have robust measures in place that allow for transparent and objective audits of election results.

Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is a way for progressive elites to virtue signal, show us how woke they are, and let us know that they believe they’re better than the rest of us. We will show them that we’re not the deplorable people they think we are. We’re proud Americans who want the best for our country, our communities, and our families.


Voters should choose their politicians, not the other way around. But the Mike Madigan, J.B. Pritzker, and Illinois Democrat machine has gerrymandered Illinois’ 13th congressional district specifically for their insider candidate who has virtually no ties to the district to parachute in from the D.C. bureaucracy and rule over us. The establishment insiders have proven to us that they don’t want to serve and represent us; they want to keep us in line. We must send a message loud and clear that their establishment politics don’t belong here in Central and Southern Illinois.