IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Jesse Reising Talks Inflation, Education and Crime in Interview with Belleville News-Democrat

For Immediate Release

February 22, 2022 


Contact: Chris Mulcahey


Decatur, IL. –  Jesse Reising spoke with the Belleville News-Democrat to discuss his candidacy for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District. The interview touched on Reising’s Decatur upbringing, his support of law enforcement and veterans, and his plans to protect parents’ right to be involved in their children’s education, among other topics.  


Read the Article Here: Jesse Reising speaks with Belleville News-Democrat 2.18.2022


As a sixth generation son of Decatur from a working-class community, Reising noted how the economic woes of the region affected the community and how it will shape the policies he will champion in Congress. “In that sort of environment where people have to rely on each other in the most meaningful ways possible – safety, livelihood – you form incredible bonds with each other,” Reising said.


The United States faces record inflation and an increased cost of living under the Biden administration. Reising will fight to rein in frivolous federal spending and keep the government out of Americans’ wallets. 


When asked about rising crime rates, Reising said that he would oppose any efforts to redirect law enforcement dollars and highlighted the vilification of men and women in uniform as a key factor contributing to the increase in violent crime. 


“The brave men and women in uniform in our country largely feel vilified right now and the tone starts at the top,” Reising said. “We need to stand up against these harmful and destructive messages that are being conveyed, like defund the police.”


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