IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Jesse Reising Joins Greg Bishop on WMAY

For Immediate Release

February 8, 2022 


Contact: Chris Mulcahey


Decatur, IL. –  This morning, Jesse Reising joined host Greg Bishop on WMAY to discuss his candidacy for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District.  


Listen to It Here: Jesse Reising joins WMAY Host Greg Bishop 2.8.2022


When asked if a Republican candidate can win in the thirteenth district, Reising noted that the district was gerrymandered to favor a hand-picked Democrat, but that the race will be competitive because of the kitchen table “issues that everyday Americans care about.”


Under Joe Biden, we face skyrocketing inflation, unprecedented increases in violent crime, and a disastrous track record on foriegn policy. Reising is focused on reining in government spending, standing by our law enforcement and veterans, and helping strengthen our standing on the international stage. 


When asked how he plans to bridge the partisan-divide when elected to Congress, Jesse highlighted his work getting results for our military veterans.“I’m a lifelong Republican, but I’m also someone who has worked across partisan lines to get things done,” said Reising.  Jesse launched a veterans’ service organization called the Warrior-Scholar Project that has empowered thousands of veterans to succeed in college. 


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