IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Former Democrat State Lawmaker Calls Out Gerrymandered IL-13 in St. Louis Dispatch

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February 10, 2022


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Congressional Candidate Jesse Reising is Fighting to Represent District’s Shared Values


Decatur, IL.– Yesterday in the St. Louis Dispatch, a former Illinois state representative and Democratic party activist called out the Democrats’ obvious attempt to engineer artificial democracy with the gerrymandering of Illinois’ thirteenth congressional district.  


“It’s obvious that Democratic mapmakers drew the new 13th District to favor electing a Democratic congressional member by carving out rural communities,” said the editorial piece. “Democratic Party insiders think they can rig the system and downstate voters won’t know the difference.”


As a sixth generation son of Decatur, Reising knew he had to fight back against the political machine for the shared values of Central and Southern Illinoisans. “Despite the clear gerrymander of our district, the voters are united by our shared values and our concerns for the direction in which our country is headed,” said Reising. “The skyrocketing inflation, serious supply chain issues, and burdensome government mandates have affected all of us. The solution starts with getting political insiders to stop spending trillions of our hard-earned dollars and telling us how to live our lives.”


The editorial goes on to highlight the lack of connection to the thirteenth district of the hand-picked Democratic candidate, Nikki Budzinski. 


Reisings’ family arrived in Central Illinois on horseback in the 1830s. “Decatur and the public school system made me into the man I am,” said Reising. “The people of Southern and Central Illinois want new leadership from one of their own, and I’m ready to serve.”


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