Illinois Farmers Face Record High Prices for Fertilizer

For Immediate Release

March 25, 2022 


Contact: Chris Mulcahey



Decatur, IL. – The price of fertilizer breaks a new high-price record as Illinois farmers feel the negative effects. The increased U.S. inflation that now stands at 7.9 percent and the continued supply shortages since Biden took office have led to the surge in pricing.


This increase comes as America celebrates National Agriculture Week, a time when our country recognizes the contributions of the agriculture industry. According to an article in the Daily Journal, “rising energy prices are likely to have a more dramatic effect on farm prices” than the product shortages alone. The rising cost on U.S. farmers and food suppliers will trickle down to the grocery store where consumers will face high prices.     


“The pandemic brought workforce challenges and supply chain shortages to our farmers in Illinois, and now under Biden’s failed economic policies, record inflation has increased the cost of basic supplies like fertilizer,” said Jesse Reising, congressional candidate for Illinois’ 13th congressional district. “Despite repeated failures from our leaders in Washington, our farm families have continued to put food on our tables. In Congress, I will stand up for our agricultural sector, work to get inflation under control, and support American farmers who help feed our nation and the world.”