Democrats Pour Money Into Illinois As Americans’ Confidence In Republicans Rises

For Immediate Release

March 31, 2022 


Contact: Chris Mulcahey



  A majority of Americans believe Republicans are best suited to address rising inflation and economic hardships


Decatur, IL. – Recent reports on Democrats’ Super PAC spending show the party bracing for a big shift in power in Congress and throughout states like Illinois. 


A New York Times article notes that “the breadth of the congressional map [of battleground districts] reveals the scope of Democrats’ worries about holding seats in midterm elections.”


This increased spending by Democrats in traditionally blue strongholds is a direct result of polling that shows low approval ratings for President Biden. According to Morning Consult, voters trust Republicans more to handle rising inflation by a margin of fourteen percent. The same poll shows voters have more faith in Republicans to handle general issues related to the economy and matters of national security.    


The Democratic Governors Association made a big ad buy of $728,000 worth of airtime in the Illinois Governor’s race, suggesting that voters in the Land of Lincoln are fed up with the years of corruption and economic depression faced under Governor J.B. Pritzker.  


“The people of Illinois are sick of the Madigan-Pritzker way of doing politics in our state,” said Jesse Reising, candidate for Illinois’ 13th congressional district. “Nikki Budzinski, having served in the administrations of both Joe Biden and J.B. Pritzker would bring more of the same. There’s no reason to believe that a career bureaucrat won’t continue to embrace the same policies that have led to record inflation, stagnant worker wages, and a dependence on foreign countries for our energy and basic necessities. The people of Southern and Central Illinois are ready to send a clear message at the ballot box this November.”